SB-21-21-001 – Center Display Can Lose Rearview Camera Image – 2012-2018 Tesla Model S & 2016-2018 Model X

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January 29, 2021 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 21V035000

Center Display Can Lose Rearview Camera Image

The eMMC controller wear-out condition can cause the loss of the rearview camera display, defrost/defog control settings, and exterior turn signal lighting, reducing visibility and increasing the risk of a crash.


NHTSA Campaign Number: 21V035

Manufacturer Tesla, Inc.


Potential Number of Units Affected 134,951



Tesla, Inc. (Tesla) is recalling certain 2012-2018 Tesla Model S and 2016-2018 Model X vehicles with a center display equipped with a NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor. When the 8GB eMMC NAND flash memory device for the center display reaches lifetime wear, the eMMC controller will no longer be able to maintain the integrity of the filesystem, causing a failure in some of the center display functions.



Owners should ensure their vehicles are operating firmware release 2020.48.48.12 or newer, which will alert owners if the eMMC is approaching lifetime wear. Tesla will notify owners, and will replace the VCM daughterboard with one containing an enhanced eMMC controller, free of charge. The recall began March 29, 2021. Owners may contact Tesla customer service at 1-877-798-3752. Tesla’s number for this recall is SB-21-21-001.



Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to


Check if your Tesla has a Recall


Tesla, Inc.

Service Bulletin

Replace VCM To Upgrade 8GB eMMC
SB-21-21-001 March 30, 2021 R1
Classification Section/Group Mobile Service
Recall Bulletin 21 – Infotainment Cannot Perform
Model Year Model Country/Region Version
2012 – 2018 Model S, Model X All All
The model(s) and model year(s) listed are a general approximation of the affected VIN list. Refer to the VIN/Bulletin Tracker or Customer/Vehicle profile to determine applicability of this bulletin for a particular vehicle.


Recall Bulletin: Recall Bulletins are mandatory service procedures that must be carried out by Tesla-certified Service Centers. Recall work performed by uncertified technicians could lead to unsafe conditions or voided warranty provisions.

This Service Document supersedes SB-21-21-001, dated February 1, 2021. Each content change is marked by a vertical line in the left margin. Discard the previous version and replace it with this one. 



For some Model S and Model X vehicles built before March 2018, an 8GB embedded MultiMediaCard (“8GB eMMC”)

in the Media Control Unit (MCU) might malfunction due to accumulated wear. This may result in a blank or intermittently blank MCU display and/or prompt an alert on the MCU display that a memory storage device has degraded and to contact Service. If the eMMC malfunctions on a vehicle running software older than 2020.48.12 it may lose access to the rearview backup camera display, exterior turn signal lighting on subsequent drives after eMMC malfunction, and access to windshield defogging and defrosting controls.



The purpose of this recall is to install software release 2020.48.12 or newer to address all potential safety concerns.

Additionally, this recall is to proactively upgrade, free of charge to the customer, the available memory storage from 8GB to 64GB. Replace the Tegra Visual Compute Module (VCM) Daughterboard containing the 8GB eMMC with an upgraded component and ensure that the vehicle is operating FW 2020.48.12 or a newer release.


 NOTE: During the initial rollout of this recall bulletin, parts will be constrained. Owners were informed the only action they need to take to address all potential safety concerns is to confirm their vehicle is running software release 2020.48.12 or a newer release, and they will receive further notification when proactive replacement parts are available. Apply the bulletin if any of the following conditions are met:

  • The owner has scheduled an appointment as a result of receiving a notice letter indicating that parts are available for their VIN.
  • The vehicle has experienced a malfunction of the eMMC filesystem. A reference section at the end of this document describes how to determine if the eMMC filesystem malfunction is due to accumulated wear.
  • Automated diagnostic results indicate to apply the bulletin, even in the absence of a malfunction.


Correction Description Correction Time
SB-21-21-001 Not Applicable; Vehicle Without Applicable Infotainment System S012121001 0.05
SB-21-21-001 Not Applicable; Upgraded eMMC Already Installed S022121001 0.05
Replace VCM To Upgrade eMMC (Model S) S032121001 1.15
Replace VCM To Upgrade eMMC (Model X) S042121001 1.45


Parts, Special Tools, and Shop Supplies

Parts, special tools, and shop supplies required are listed in SI2021010.




  1. Log in to Garage, provide the VIN, click VITALS > Basic, and under “Vehicle”, note the value to the right of “Car Computer”:


  • If the value is “mcu_transition”, the vehicle does not contain infotainment system hardware relevant to this bulletin. Discontinue this procedure and use correction code S012121001.


  • If the value is “mcu”, continue to the next step.


  1. Click VITALS > UI, scroll down to “eMMC Vitals”, and note the value to the right of “Name”:


If the name is “S0J58x”, an upgraded 64GB eMMC has already been installed to replace the 8GB eMMC, so do not perform the upgrade. Discontinue this procedure and use correction code S022121001.


  • If the name is notS0J58x”, continue to the next step.


  1. Replace the Visual Compute Module (VCM) daughterboard. Refer to service internal document SI2021010.


  • Model S – Use correction code S032121001


  • Model X – Use correction code S042121001


 NOTE: Do not use any correction code from SI2021010.


  1. Make sure to return the removed VCM daughterboard to MRB through the standard process.


 NOTE: As a condition of applying this recall, it is not possible for the customer to retain the removed hardware.


Repair Reimbursement

If the vehicle owner had previously paid for a repair for the specific part and condition covered under this recall, the owner might be entitled to reimbursement of the amount paid subject to certain terms and conditions. The reimbursement process is not yet available at this time. Affected owners will be notified shortly with details about the requirements for eligibility and the process to submit a claim.


Reference Material on How to Determine If the eMMC Filesystem Malfunction Is Due to Accumulated Wear


This section is provided for reference on how to determine if a malfunction occurred as a result of accumulated wear.


 TIP: Refer to Toolbox article #53486 for diagnostic assistance.


  1. Log in to Garage, provide the VIN, click VITALS > UI, scroll down to eMMC Vitals, and record the values to the right of “Name” and “Reserved Blocks”.


  • If the name is notH8G2d” or “Hynix”, the vehicle no longer contains the 8GB eMMC hardware applicable to this bulletin.


  • If the name is something other than “H8G2d”, “Hynix” or “S0J58x”, the vehicle contains a non-OEM supplied eMMC aftermarket modification. The system may behave in unexpected ways, including, but not limited to, being unable to provide diagnostic information regarding eMMC filesystem malfunction.


  1. If the eMMC name is “H8G2d”, determine if the eMMC filesystem malfunctioned due to wear.


  • If alerts “MCU_w088_eMMCNeedsReplacement” or “MCU_w086_eMMCEOL” are actively asserted, recently asserted, or present in vehicle logs, the eMMC filesystem has malfunctioned due to wear.


  • If alert “MCU_w031_cidSquashfsError” is actively asserted, recently asserted, or present in vehicle logs, AND there are fewer than 65 reserve blocks remaining, the eMMC filesystem has malfunctioned due to wear.


  • If neither of the above is true, the eMMC filesystem has not malfunctioned due to wear.


  1. If the eMMC name is “Hynix”, it is not possible to determine if the eMMC filesystem malfunctioned specifically to due to wear. Determine if the eMMC filesystem has simply malfunctioned.


  • If alert “MCU_w031_cidSquashfsError” is actively asserted, recently asserted, or present in vehicle logs, the eMMC filesystem has malfunctioned.


  • If alert “MCU_w031_cidSquashfsError” is not present, the eMMC filesystem has not malfunctioned.


For feedback on the accuracy of this document, email


Subject line8GB eMMC Recall Reimbursement  




Our records indicate that you own, or previously owned, a Model S or a Model X built before March 2018. Your vehicle is subject to conditions covered under the 8GB embedded MultiMediaCard (eMMC) recall that addresses the malfunction of the eMMC memory chip due to accumulated wear.


If you previously paid out-of-pocket for the specific part and condition covered by the recall, and the repair was within the 8GB eMMC Recall period, you may be eligible for reimbursement.


To request reimbursement, please complete the eMMC reimbursement request form or or visit Log into your Tesla Account and select ‘eMMC reimbursement’ under the ‘Tesla Service & Repair’ menu. Once you have submitted the required information, we will review your claim and notify you of your reimbursement eligibility within 60 days of receipt. If we require additional information, we will contact you directly.


Please note, your local Tesla Service Centers and Customer Support teams do not have the ability to track or process reimbursement requests.


Thank you for being a Tesla customer, and we apologize for the inconvenience.




10 Affected Products


TESLA MODEL S 2012-2018
TESLA MODEL X 2016-2018


9 Associated Documents

Recall 573 Report-Amendment 1

RCLRPT-21V035-3301.PDF 217.584KB

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Recall Acknowledgement

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Defect Notice 573 Report

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8GB eMMC Recall Reimbursement Email

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Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-21V035-9972.pdf 544.362KB

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Recall Quarterly Report #1, 2021-1

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Recall Quarterly Report #2, 2021-2

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Recall Quarterly Report #3, 2021-3

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Recall Quarterly Report #4, 2021-4

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Latest Recalls Documents


1 Associated Investigation

Loss of rearview camera
Dated opened: November 12, 2020

On June 22, 2020, the Office of Defects Investigations (ODI) opened Preliminary Evaluation PE20-010 to investigate incidents of media control unit (MCU) failures resulting in loss of rearview camera in model year (MY) 2012-2015 Tesla Model S vehicles equipped with the NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor with an integrated 8GB eMMC NAND flash memory device. EMMC NAND flash devices have a finite lifespan based upon the number of program/erase (P/E) cycles. The subject MCU allegedly fails prematurely due to memory wear-out of the eMMC NAND flash. Tesla used the same MCU with the Tegra 3 processor in approximately 159 thousand 2012-2018 Model S and 2016-2018 Model X vehicles built by Tesla through early-2018. In response to ODI’s Information Request (IR) for PE20-010, Tesla provided ODI with 2,399 complaints and field reports, 7,777 warranty claims, and 4,746 non-warranty claims related to MCU replacements. The data show failure rates over 30 percent in certain build months and accelerating failure trends after 3 to 4 years-in-service.

According to Tesla, for subject vehicles equipped with the NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor with an integrated 8GB eMMC NAND flash memory device, the eMMC NAND cell hardware can fail when reaching lifetime wear, for which the eMMC controller has no available blocks to recover. With this failure mode, the only recovery available is a replacement of the eMMC device, achieved by physical part replacement of either the MCU assembly or visual control module subcomponent. Tesla provided the effects of MCU failure on vehicle function which result in loss of rearview/backup camera, loss of HVAC (defogging) setting controls (if the HVAC status was OFF status prior to failure.) There is also an impact on the advanced driver assistance support (ADAS), Autopilot system, and turn signal functionality due to the possible loss of audible chimes, driver sensing, and alerts associated with these vehicle functions. There are precedents for addressing defects that result in loss of either backup camera, defogging, or turn signal functions under safety recalls.

Tesla has implemented certain Over-The-Air or OTA updates to subject vehicles to mitigate the effects of MCU failure. These updates include firmware changes to reduce memory usage of the subject memory card, improve eMMC error correction and storage management strategies, changing the control logic for turn signal activation, and defaulting the HVAC system to Auto (71.6F) for drives after MCU failure to address windshield defogging. Tesla indicated that the MCU failures are likely to continue to occur in subject vehicles as vehicles continue to operate and use available memory in the 8GB eMMC NAND flash memory until 100% of units have failed.

An Engineering Analysis has been opened to further assess the scope, frequency, and safety-related consequences of the alleged defect.

The VOQs associated with the opening of this investigation are in the attachment to this resume.


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  • 【IP68 Waterproof & 140° View Adjustable Angle】The camera will be protected from powerful jets of water from any direction, such as rain and a car wash. Works well in extreme weather. Adjustable vertical 140° perfect viewing angle, which allows you to adjust the camera to a position that’s best for you, effectively reducing the accident rate.
  • 【2 in1 Installation & Tools Included】Camera can be installed on license plate frame, or mounted on back, front, and side based on your preference. The camera or its mounting bracket will not take a lot of space on your license plate. Suitable for most 12V-24V vehicles, such as Jeeps, SUV, RV, VAN, etc.
  • 【Best Customer Service】INCLAKE backup camera is guaranteed to provide a safe road trip.Feel free to contact us if you have any issues with the item.
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NATIKA Backup/Front View Camera,IP69K Waterproof Great Night Vision HD and Super Wide Angle Metal OEM Style Reverse Rear View Backup Camera for Cars Pickup Trucks SUVs RVs Vans (Black)
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  • Reverse camera housing is metal,small size and OEM style design. Also it is built in multifunctional switching loops function,you can switch it to be front view, also support guide line on/off switching and cut the purple loop to choose a vertical down-ward view from like a tailgate down view(tailgate mounting).
  • Backup camera can fit most types of DC 12-24V different length vehicles. Such as Cars, Pickup Trucks, SUVs, Vans, RVs, etc. It with great night vision (low illumination level: 0.01Lux).
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority. NATIKA offer 30 days money back guarantee,24 months replacement warranty,lifetime support guarantee and 7 days-24 hours professional customer service and technical support.
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  • Crystal Clear Image & Nice Night Vision: 6 glass lenses, 100% true color reproduction, the latest upgraded chip, generate clear real-time video. 10 LED lights automatically fill the light when powered, get a great color image in the dark for safe reversing and driving.
  • Double Bracket: Comes with two brackets, installed perfectly behind the license plate by hidden metal bracket. Additional mounting brackets are also provided for mounting on license plates, car trunks, sides, mirrors etc. Supports flexible & easy installation.
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  • CLEAR IMAGE & ENHANCED NIGHT VISION - With a built-in high-quality chip, the WOLFBOX mirror camera records 4K front and 1080P rear videos. The mirror dash camera applied an upgraded low-reflectivity LCD to reduce reflection during the day. With incorporated WDR&HDR tech balancing the lights, and the help of a starvis sensor and 6-glass lens to capture higher quality images, driving at night or in any challenging lighting situations should be more effortless.
  • GPS TRACKING ALL THE TIME - With the external GPS antenna plugged in, you can view the GPS info on display while on the wheel. Playback recorded videos on GPS Player, not only can you check the double channel videos on one screen, but also accurately trace back all the GPS metrics.
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  • 【1/2.7in AHD 1080P Large Chip Adopted in This Reverse Cam】The chip size determines the amount of reversing camera output pixels, compared with 1/4in chip used in ordinary backup cam, the most apparent feature is the enhanced brightness and color saturation besides of the sufficient clarity. The colors become more vivid and true, the increased brightness makes the images more clearly, meanwhile, the night vision effect also be enhanced, you can back the car easily without extra light at night.
  • 【170° Wide Angle Optical Glass HD Lens】The lens is the core component of the reverse camera for car. The HD lens used in PMD2A-S wide angle backup camera is very different from ordinary lens in appearance, it has a larger aperture and a stronger sense of technology. High transmittance glass, fish eye appearance, F1.4 aperture, all these features directly determine the wide angle, maximum output pixels and night vision performance of the license plate camera.
  • 【Back Up The Car Easily】Whether it is day or night, you can see almost everything behind the car when reversing, PixelMan camera for car reverse will let your driving easier and safer. Isn’t it what you need?
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Yakry RV Backup Camera Plug and Play - No Delays 7 Inch HD 1080P Rear View Camera with IR Night Vision 2 Channels - Waterproof Reverse Camera for Truck Trailer Camper Tractor Y14
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  • ►【"Real Neck Saver" with Parking Guidelines and Image Flip】Reliable parking lines and image flip for fast and perfect reversing without having to turn around all the time, no more neck pain. Even if you sometimes have trouble figuring out the steering, just switch to the "mirror" view on the monitor, making you at ease when reversing.
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10'' Mirror Dash Cam Night Vision 1080P FHD Full Touch Screen Front and Rear View Backup Camera for Cars Loop Recording Streaming Media 170°Wide Angle Parking Assistance with 10 Meters Cable
  • 【Dual 1080P Front and Rear Camera & 33ft Long Camera Cable】1080P front camera and 1080P IP68 waterproof rear camera use high-definition streaming technology, mirror dash cam can provide ultra clear video and capture license plates from a distance. Rear view mirror camera is wide angle lens reduce blind spots to capture many details on the road and equip with a unique 33ft rear view camera cable, help you solve the short camera cable issue when installation.
  • 【10'' IPS Streaming Media Full Touch Screen】10 inch screen provides 3 times wider view than traditional rear view and can capture more road vision. Streaming media full touch screen, easier to operate, fast response speed. Execute dash camera with a simple touch various operations: switch the front and rear camera images by sliding left and right, adjust the viewing angle by sliding up and down, video recording/playback, exposure adjustment, screen brightness adjustment, date/time, etc.
  • 【Super Night Vision & Parking Assistance 】Upgraded Backup Camera with 6 layer glass lens, help capture clear videos with enhanced details in low light conditions, clearly display the license plate number, road signs. When reversing car, the mirror dash cam auto display backup camera image in full screen, the screen image will display park assist lines, you can manually adjust the display range either up or down to reach the best field of view, it can help you park more safely parking.
  • 【Loop Recording & G-Sensor & Supports 128G SD Card Max】When the SD card is full, it will cover the previous video file to continue the recording.This device has built in G-Sensor, if collision occurred to the car,the backup cam mirror will automatically locked the special video file, which will not be covered by the loop recording and stored to ensure that the most important videos are not lost. In addition, the dash cam supports 128G SD card max (not included),can record more important moments.
  • 【Parking Monitor Functions & After-Sales Service】Parking monitor functions as a surveillance camera system while the vehicle is off,always protect the safety of the car. (After install Jansite hardwire kit, it supports time-lapse video mode and 24-hour parking monitoring,ASIN:B09B92KRXL). All Jansite products provide 12 months warranty, 30 days full refund.

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